Latest from the lab

24. Nov. 2020:

It was our pleasure to host Andrea Ficke, PhD, as a lecturer in our Mendel Centre Departmental SeminarsHer talk was entitled "Leaf and Stem Diseases in Cereals and Oilseed Crops - A Relationship Too Close for Comfort".

Andrea gave us an overview of how applied research in phytopathology can be beneficial for farmers. Glad that Andrea accepted the challenge of lecturing online!

3. Nov. 2020:

  • Handout released (Auxin reporter: DR5)

26. Oct. 2020:

  • Handout released (Auxin reporter: DII)

​19. Oct. 2020:

  • Handout released (Auxin reporter: R2D2)

​13. Oct. 2020:

  • The new website is launched!