Webinar on the wall

in this period of viral infections, many conferences and our weekly Mendel Centre seminar series have been cancelled. Plantae, supported by ASPB (American Society of Plant Biologists), organized a weekly webinar (#PlantaePresents) with virtual Plant Science Talks. Each week features two speakers: one senior and one junior plant researchers. Other webinars are also organized, EvoEco SeminarsOnline SPS seminars (Saclay Plant Sciences), GARNet-Presents webinars, among others.

The talks will be projected on Wednesdays in A26 building meeting room 2.22, at 4 or 5 pm (according to the Plantae schedule for the live webinars). We will alternate live webinars with recorded talks. This is a great opportunity to overcome the loss of networking that the COVID19 brought to us.

The program is below. If you wish to propose a webinar or a recorded talk that everyone would enjoy, don't hesitate to contact Hélène.

Due to the COVID Red Alert on Campus, all meetings are canceled until further notice.


Previously watched

May 27th (Live)

Dolf Weijers and Dana MacGregor (Plantae)

June 3rd, 4 pm (recorded)

Dominique Bergmann and Matthew Gilliham  (Plantae)

June 10th, 4 pm (recorded)

Brian Gregory  (Online SPS seminars)

N6-methyladenosine and RNA secondary structure affect transcript stability and translation during systemic salt stress in Arabidopsis

June 18th, 4 pm (recorded)

Keiko Sugimoto and Hongtao Liu  (Plantae)

June 24th, 5 pm (live)

Jiri Friml and Nicola Patron  (Plantae)

July 1st, 4 pm (live)

Caroline Dean and Jorge Casals  (Plantae)

July 8th, 4 pm (recorded) 

Detlef Weigel  (EvoEco seminar)

Epistasis, the spice of evolution: Insights from the plant immune system

August 5th, 4 pm (recorded)

Ueli Grossniklaus  (Online SPS seminars) - Epigenetic Regulation of Seed Development

August 12th, 4 pm (recorded)

Claudia Köhler  (Online SPS seminars) - Domesticated transposable elements regulate imprinted genes and drive endosperm development

August 19th, 4 pm (recorded)

Christine Faulkner  (Online SPS seminars) - Cell-to-cell communication via plasmodesmata in immunity and infection

August 26th, 4 pm (recorded)

Philippa Borrill  (GARNet-Presents) - Genomics in a giant: understanding gene expression in polyploid wheat

September 2nd, 4 pm (recorded)

Jonathan Jones  (GARNet-Presents) - Plant Immunity: the zigzagzig turns full circle

September 9th, 4 pm (recorded)

Marc Knight  (GARNet-Presents) - Decoding calcium signalling in plants

September 16th, 4 pm (live, Plantae)

Sophien Kamoun and Phil Carella

September 23rd, 3 pm (recorded, EvoEco seminar)

Susan Johnston - The evolution of individual recombination rates in the wild

September 30th, 4 pm (recorded, EvoEco seminar)

Alexander Suh - Evolution of genomic oddities